I have now become self-employed as an arts & creative industries strategist, trainer and writer! I moved on from my role as Creative Industries Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council on 30th September 2009 after three very busy years.

This site will detail my current projects, and give you some ideas about what I might be able to do for you, or your organisation.

To contact me, feel free to comment or email: dany.louise@ntlworld.com

I also tweet; follow me on @danylouise


One thought on “New Job!

  1. “I have worked with Dany Louise over the last couple of years whilst she was Creative Industries Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council. Dany has always been the most enthusiastic and helpful supporter of the gallery. She was always pro-active in giving help – both providing useful, practical advice and helping to make contacts and links for the gallery through her extensive knowledge and understanding of both the public and private sector arts worlds. For a small fledgling independent art gallery, it was fantastic to have such a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for what we were doing, and for the arts in general in Brighton”.

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