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Earlier on this year, a-n commissioned me to do some research into the support needs of visual arts freelancers – a neglected group, I can say from experience! I devised a fairly comprehensive survey, we put it out nationally and it was well responded to. When I did the analysis, I found some  interesting and in cases, quite surprising results.  As these are in the main commercially confidential, this has to remain a bit of a tease. But what is clear is that as the cuts bite and jobs are being lost, they are in part being replaced by freelance contracts.

Numerous organisations rely on freelancer’s work, their often high-level skills, and blackberries filled with useful contacts.  Many freelancers have important, critically supportive and reciprocal relationships with artists and arts organisations that are a crucial part of the arts ecology, realising together a huge range of quality projects and developments. So I am delighted that the arts infrastructure is now looking at ways to support our work.

One of the ways a-n has used the survey information is to develop a bespoke professional indemnity insurance product for creative freelancers with specialist arts brokers Hencilla Canworth.  It offers £1m professional indemnity insurance and £5m public and products liability cover for just £94.50. It’s designed specifically for freelancers working in areas including arts consultancy, curating, commissioning, arts and project management and research – and it’s exclusive to members of a-n’s Arts Organisers scheme.

I’m pretty pleased to be associated with this – it is a genuinely good offer, at an affordable price, and adds another useful piece to the professional persona makeup.

We launched this new service on 29th November in the warm and welcoming Phoenix Brighton, with an informative mix of insurance and legal information,   useful networking, and lots of tasty nibbles. Thank you to everyone who came along and made this event such a success.  As Director of a-n Susan Jones said in her introduction: “An adaptable and well-equipped freelance workforce is crucial for the long-term viability of the visual arts and we are pleased to play our part in making this happen.”

Click on these links for more details: a-n’s Arts organisers membership and Creative freelance insurance.


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