Working on the assumption that Black Dog Publishing gave me an early deadline of 30th June to submit The Interpretation Matters Handbook, with the expectation that I would miss it, I’ve done my authorly duty and not disappointed. Surely they meant the end of July? That’s what I think anyway. But I am at the point with The Handbook where it’s really taking shape in terms of content, and I’m starting to feel more excited than pressured about it (phew!) Four months is not a long lead-in time when it comes not just to writing and editing, but setting up interviews with some fantastic people and writing them up, sourcing images, and commissioning contributions from some brilliant professionals who are helping to make the book more rounded and rich by providing their expertise and perspective.

It’s a labour intensive process though – who was it who said that writing is all about “bum on seatness”? They’re right, and that level of discipline is harder in summer than in winter. But amongst all the sitting, thinking and writing, I’ve had the pleasure of being at some stimulating art events and meeting great people, some on behalf of a-n Art News. Here’s a round-up of some recently published short reads:

Whitstable Biennial: Memorable, unusual and slightly bonkers, review, a-n Art News, June 2014

Appetite Stoke, a-n Art News,June 2014

Simon Faithful: Shopping Around, a-n Art News, June 2014

House Festival, review, a-n Art News, May 2014

PLACE Report, a-n Art News, April 2014

And now back to The Interpretation Matters Handbook…more on the project here if you’re interested.


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