I work on a freelance basis, writing about the arts in various ways, including journalism, primary research and strategic planning. A visual arts specialist, I follow the impact of public policy on the arts and cultural infrastructure, often writing about it for The Guardian Culture Professionals Network, a-n Artsnews, New Statesman and other publications, including posts on this site.

I often work with  visual arts organisations, helping them problem solve and think through their priorities and strategy.

Two rigorous days evaluating b-side Festival with the inspiring and patient Dany Louise. Thank you Dany!”  Sally Watson, Artistic Director, b-side Festival

With twenty years experience in the arts – from policy development to strategy implementation,  education to  project management  – I have a deep understanding of the many different contexts in which the arts and creative sector work in the UK. This means that I bring a considered, independent and sophisticated approach to the projects and organisations that I work with.

In 2013 I initated the Interpretation Matters project, which explores the writing that galleries produce for public information. In 2015,the accompanying book, The Interpretation Matters Handbook was published:

“Interesting, opinionated and provocative” – Simon Stephens, Editor Museums Journal
“Refreshing and provocative” – Jerwood Foundation
“Her opinions on what makes a text label clear, informative and engaging are accurate, and her advice would be useful at any exhibition planning meeting”- Arts Professional magazine

I have a particular interest and expertise in the:

  1. Writing about art, and art writing.
  2. Strategic development of  arts provison.
  3. Conducting evidence based research that supports new thinking, policy and action for arts organisations.
  4. Facilitating small arts organisations to build strong foundations and plan ahead.

The work I undertake aims to:

  • Aid the development and sustainability of a thriving creative ecology in local and regional areas.
  • Help create quality paid opportunities and appropriate training and advice for creative practitioners.
  • Be challenging, innovative and high quality. The arts are an environment where fresh ideas are welcomed, and where challenge is part of the culture.  I am someone who thrives on new challenges!

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