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First published 7/7/16

The Interpretation Matters team were both delighted and surprised to see this recent endorsement of artist Karel Hodd by London Mayor Boris Johnson:

Mayor Boris Johnson with Volume with Three Voids

Mayor Boris Johnson with a version of Volume with Three Voids

Those of you who have read The Interpretation Matters Handbook will be aware that the work of Karel Hodd features prominently. The artist has achieved considerable success since his breakthrough year in 2012 but has also been the subject of controversy, as is detailed in the book. Opinion is divided over whether his work is that of a genius or a tasteless leap into the abyss.

The Interpretation Matters Handbook leaves the reader to make up their own mind regarding the artist’s work, but does include some scathing comments by writer and critic Dany Louise:

“At their best, artists are public intellectuals, examining society and the human experience of it through the prism of their art, critiquing where necessary” she says. “But artists need to be aware of the politics behind the new opportunities they are being offered. Otherwise they run the risk of being apologists for a set of policies and developments that are proven to dramatically increase inequality and injustice in the world.”

Where does Karel Hodd sit within this framework?

For more information, and to buy a copy of The Interpretation Matters Handbook, please email talk@danylouise.co.uk