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This caught my attention at the Brighton University Fine Art Degree Show in July 2013. Graduating student Harriet Windsor’s text is unorthodox and gauche; a hybrid between art and creative writing. It would benefit from judicious editing. But it’s rooted in a history of women’s writing, as the moving image artwork it illustrated was rooted in feminist self-expression. Overall, I think this piece of text is remarkable: powerful, attractive and unpretentious, like the artwork to which it referred.


“I really like the word WOMAN.

It sounds strong, and it sounds sexy. When I think of the word WOMAN, I imagine this female figure; she’s walking with swagga, she’s kissin her teef at ya and she’s fulla attitude – this woman, yeah, she’s powerful.

I really like RED. It’s passion and it’s sex. It’s the colour of life. It’s the human heart.

Yeah and I like the word heart too. ‘Cause that makes me think of red as well. And woman.

I really like the word FIRE. ‘Cause, well, that makes me think of the soul.

And I really like the word RHYTHM.

It sounds sensual, it sounds colourful. Loads of different colours. Like pink and yellow and orange and blue and green. Like watercolours flowing into each other, inevitably, calmly, beautifully flowing. Like fire burning, flickering, beating; alive, violent and bright. The watercolours don’t think. The fire doesn’t think. When we dance we are in control of our limbs; we use our thighs, we use our bellies, we use our shoulders and our hips. But we don’t control the rhythm. And we can’t control feeling. That comes from beyond our skin, underneath our blood. It’s from the core, the crux, the flame. There is a root inside of us and I have no idea what it is or what it looks like. But it’s there. And that root, whether it is the WOMAN in me, or the FIRE in me; that is what leads. It doesn’t think. It just does. It is about that root. Whatever the fuck it is, and wherever the fuck it came from.”