Primary research is a highly useful tool to inform future planning for organisations. Published research can often provide critique and development for the sector. A trained researcher, I’ve been fortunate to be commissioned to undertake two types of research:


1. Primary visual arts research, published and made freely available for the benefit of the sector.

2. Unpublished empirical research designed to understand demand for services, and test market new income generation ideas for arts organisations. Because these are commercially sensitive no examples are given here.

Examples include:

  • Ladders for Development is a research report commissioned by a-n The Artists Information Company, published in June 2011.  It details the  activity of 15 practice-based visual arts development organisations; discusses the likely impact of funding cuts on them, and suggests three ways in which these cuts could be mitigated.

It was featured on The Guardian’s Culture Cuts blog here.

CWS front cover copy

I directed and edited the Creative Workspace Study for Brighton & Hove City Council, a document that informs the city’s creative workspace policies.Press cuttings: The Argus and Arts Industry magazine.

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