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“Dany has undertaken a really thorough process of research for the Blue Monkey Artists Network, leading me through that process with her. She has acted as a great advocate for the Network, promoting and recommending us to everyone she dealt with on our behalf, and introducing me to a whole range of people and organisations who might be prepared to work with and support Blue Monkey in the future.

 She has given me a massive amount of practical advice and support and has been unceasingly generous, enthusiastic and diligent, bringing a high level of professionalism and expertise to the project at all times. It has definitely been a pleasure to work with her!” Judith Alder, Director, Blue Monkey Artists Professional Development Network.

A zillion billion trillion thanks for steering us through potentially choppy waters to a safe harbour where the sailors feel much more comfortable. It’s the real skill of an experienced helmsman and much appreciated.”  Alan Rogers, Director  b-side festival.

Two rigorous days evaluating b-side Festival with the inspiring and patient Dany Louise. Thank you Dany!”  Sally Watson, Artistic Director, b-side Festival

Dany has always been the most enthusiastic and helpful supporter of the gallery. She was always pro-active in giving help – providing useful, practical advice and helping to make contacts and links for the gallery through her extensive knowledge and understanding of both the public and private sector arts worlds. For a small independent art gallery, it was fantastic to have such a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for what we were doing, and for the arts in general in Brighton”. Richard Kalman, Director, Crane-Kalman Gallery, Brighton

“I have been so impressed by Dany’s capacity for delivering real solutions to problems I have presented her with, as well as her enthusiasm, support and authenticity. All of us in our studio have been helped by her energy and commitment.”  David O’Connor, Designer; Founder of The Annexe  Studios

It was largely through inspirational conversations with Dany – in her position as Creative Industries Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council – that the concept of HOUSE, a much needed dedicated visual arts festival for the city, was incubated. Without Dany’s support and conviction, the event would not have come about.”  Judy Stevens, Artistic Director, HOUSE; Director Artists Open Houses.

I worked with Dany at Brighton & Hove City Council, and was always impressed by how passionate she was around the creative industries. She was a tremendous champion of the arts and the creative industries both within the Council and in the city.”  Anthony Zacharzewski, former Head of Policy, Brighton & Hove City Council; now Director of The Democratic Society.

Dany Louise, as a social commentator, demonstrates a great passion for writing and critical engagement. She has an enormous curiosity about many forms of visual arts practice and shows great enthusiasm in rising to new challenges. I am always impressed by her energy and determination in realising complex and ambitious projects”.  Geoff Molyneux, former Course Leader, Foundation Degree Fine Art, Liverpool Community College

Dany undertook the evaluation for one of the Biennial’s Learning and Inclusion projects. She demonstrated a clear understanding and wide knowledge of art and community based work, was extremely thorough and had the listening skills required to carry out effective evaluation. The report she produced for us has proved to be a useful tool for future planning. Working with Dany has also helped us to develop our own evaluation skills and techniques”.  Sharon Paulger, former Learning and Inclusion co-ordinator, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, now Director of Inter:Action MK

Dany has a commitment to working for a vibrant and healthy creative ecology, and has demonstrated breadth and depth of understanding of the national, regional and local creative landscape. She was an excellent advocate for the Council’s work in the creative sector.” Paula Murray, Assistant Chief Executive, Brighton & Hove City Council

Dany Louise was instrumental in establishing Knowsley’s interest in the Creative Industries. Having prepared a detailed, well researched strategy she produced a business plan, which was highly appropriate and relevant to the sector. Funding bids have now been prepared for this vision to become a reality. Dany was always highly professional when dealing with clients, and she has a strong passion for the arts which is evident in her work.”  Ed O’Brien, former Strategy & Sector Development Manager, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Dany brings a thorough, professional approach to her work. An excellent communicator, strategic thinker and logical problem solver, Dany’s versatility ensures that whatever the task or project, the end result will be delivered successfully and on time. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I can honestly say that she is a real pleasure to work with.”  John Mills, Neighbourhood Manager at Cheshire West and Chester Council.

I first worked with Dany Louise on Banking On Culture, an EU financed action research project. Dany made a critical contribution to the success of the project both as mentor to the Creative Lets steering group and as advisor to NWAB on the development of the project. I was particularly impressed by Dany’s abilities to understand the dynamics of the steering group, analyse the operating environment, and produce a carefully thought through evaluation and forward plan for the project.”  Paul Roots, Northwest Arts Board (NWAB) Banking on Culture Project Manager, April 99 – Jan 01

“As a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chester during 2005 and 2006, Dany Louise was always professional and well prepared. Her critical stance and background in arts management, journalism, media and fine arts enabled her to make a unique contribution to our undergraduate Performing Arts programme. She was a pleasure to work with and, although I wish her every success in Brighton, I am sorry to lose her academic input.”  Dr Linda Ludwin, former Programme Leader: MA Creative & Cultural Management, University of Chester.

Dany has led the Arts Management Programme through changes and challenge to achievement: a new cohort of professionally qualified arts managers who can take their skills back into the local communities, and a range of impressive live arts projects are the results of this valuable work, accelerating the cultural regeneration of the city and region. Dany brings an immense amount of energy and focus to her work. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, a dynamic presence who applies herself entirely to achieving her goals and objectives”  Liz Lacey, former Director, Liverpool Centre for Arts Development.

Dany is a creative industries practitioner who not only listens and advises, but provides focus and clarity. She has the ability to hold your hand and lead you through the minefield of the creative industries issues without losing your legs, because she is so inspiring and knowledgeable”.  Mercy Chaita, former Enterprise Development Manager, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.


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